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The Deal

Under The Den formed in the autumn of 2017 as a collaborative effort of four people trying to make good music in Upstate New York . Madison Lewis, the group's lead vocalist, hails from Orange County, CA. A voice all her own, she pours her soul into live performances. Benjamin "Ideas" Zoleski plays guitar and keys. A music major from Berklee, Ben brings a great range to the guitar and vocals along with an amazing positive energy and stage presence. His most recent outings as the Musical Director for Andrew Lloyd Webber's "School of Rock" (2018-2019) theatre production, as well as the guitarist for the European hologram tour of Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison (2019), have added new depths and experience to the bands style. The rhythm section is comprised of identical twin brothers John Nowak on bass, and drummer Jason Nowak. Both have a long musical history in the 518 and abroad, playing in successful bands on indie and major labels including Endicott (Equal Vision Records) and Young and Divine (RCA).

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